Possible cause


4.10 Shift rpm

Zero-load shift not o.k.

Full-load shift points not o.k.

No kickdown shift

Accelerator cable adjusted incorrectly

Shift valves binding

Accelerator cable adjusted incorrectly

Accelerator cable adjusted incorrectly

Kickdown shift faulty

Adjust accelerator cable, refer to diagnosis item 8 Replace HCU

Adjust accelerator cable Refer to diagnosis item 8

Adjust accelerator cable

Check switch, replace if required

4.11 Shift progressions

Zero-load shifts excessively hard

4.12 Shifts 1-2/2-3/3-4 too lengthy

Full-load and kickdown shifts too lengthy

4.13 Upshifts 1-2/2-3/3-4 too hard

Modulating pressure too high Damper faulty Friction discs damaged

Damper faulty Modulating valve binding Pressure reducer valves 1 and 2 binding

Modulating pressure too low Damper faulty Friction discs damaged

Modulating valve binding

Replace HCU Replace HCU Replace transmission

Replace HCU

Replace HCU Replace HCU Replace HCU

Replace HCU

Full-load and kickdown shifts too hard

Modulating pressure not o.k. Damper faulty

Replace HCU Replace HCU


Possible cause


5. Position 3

5.1 Manual downshift 4-3 not o.k.

6. Position 2

6.1 Manual downshift 3-2 not o.k.

6.2 No engine braking effect

Shift valve 3-4 stuck

Damper A faulty

Shift valve 3-2 stuck Damper C' faulty

Brake C' damaged

Replace HCU

Replace HCU Replace transmission

7. Position 1

7.1 Manual downshift 2-1 not o.k.

7.2 No engine braking effect

• Modulating valve binding

• Replace transmission

8. General

8.1 Noises are audible after longer driving periods and power flow is interrupted subsequently

• Oil strainer of HCU clogged

• If no burnt clutch lining is present in the oil pan, only the oil strainer requires replacing. In all other cases replace transmission.

8.2 No forward or rear power • Driver plate between torque • Replace driver plate or flow, heavy noises converter and engine torn off torque converter, respectively

• Pump driver torn • Replace transmission

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