Power unit

Internal engine code Manual transmission M 44.43

Tiptronic M 44.44

No. of cylinders



mm (in.)

104 (4.09)


mm (in.)

88 (3.46)

Displacement (real)



Compression ratio


Max. engine power to 80/1269/ EEC Net Power, to SAE J 1349 at engine speed

kW/HP kW (HP) rpm

176/240 176 (236) 6,200

Max. torque to 80/1269/EEC Net torque, to SAE J 1349 at engine speed

Nm/kpm Nm (Ibft) rpm

305/31.0 305 (225) 4,100

Max. liter output DIN 70020 SAE J 1349

KW/I / hp/I KW/I (HP/I)

58.9/80.3 58.9 (78.7)

Torque limitation by fuel cutout Idle speed M 44.43 Idle speed M 44.44

rpm rpm rpm

6,700 ± 20 840 ± 40 880 ± 40

Engine weight (dry)



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