Removing and fitting door outer handle

Removing the door outer handle



1 Release mounting screw of Unscrew mounting screw of door outer handle from door outer handle door frame.

Disengage door outer handle Push door outer handle forward and take out of from door door hole pattern.

Release mounting of door Undo socket hex head screws for mounting of door lock lock outer section and remove outer section and pull plastic grommet for forced-air plastic grommet for forced-air venting off the door, venting

Unclip intermediate section from door outer handle

Unclip deflection lever at door lock inner section

Unclip return lever at door lock inner section (Deflection lever is accessible across door aperture for forced-air vent).

Undo microswitch at door outer handle

Screw out wire retainer mounting screw and unclip microswitch from door outer handle.

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