Removing and Installing Clutch


1. Disconnect battery ground cable.

2. Remove full set of power unit undertray panels.

3. Disconnect oxygen sensor connector and pull cable downwards.

4. Remove exhaust mainfold complete with catalytic converter.

5. Undo starter mounting bolts, remove heat shield and move starter to the side.

6. Unbolt clutch slave cylinder and hang to one side, the line remaining connected. Attach note in interior of vehicle:

"Do not operate clutch pedal".

7. Remove cover of clutch housing.

8. Pull out release lever shaft using an M8 bolt after having undone the lock bolt.

Porsche 968 Undertray

9. Release socket head bolt of clamping sleeve and push back clamping sleeve complete with central shaft I.


10. Remove hexagon head bolts (M 6) for guide tube and push guide tube towards thrust plate.



Grease all sliding surfaces for clutch release as well as central shaft teeth with Olista Longtime 3 EP.

1. Before fitting the complete clutch assembly (drive plate, thrust plate and guide tube), align release bearing and guide tube with regard to each other. Note hole pattern of thrust plate to flywheel.


Insert release fork into clutch housing before installing the clutch assembly (installation of fork is not possible afterwards).

2. Put clutch assembly in place and screw in multi-tooth bolts of thrust plate manually.

3. Push central shaft I in forward direction, centering the drive plate at the same time.


11. Mark installation position of thrust plate and flywheel for reassembly.

12. Release multi-tooth bolts of clutch thrust plate evenly and take out thrust plate together with guide tube and clutch drive plate.



A groove is machined in central shaft I to allow a screwdriver to be used to push the shaft forward.

4. Determine center position of clamping sleeve relative to central shaft II and tighten socket head bolt to 80 Nm (59 ftlb).

7. Engage release fork. Relocate release lever until needle sleeve and bore in the clutch housing line up. Push in release lever shaft to stop, making sure it is positioned correctly (milled surface pointing towards the mounting bolt). If required, mover release lever to and fro to facilitate alignment. Do not use force to achieve correct alignment.

5. Tighten mounting screws of thrust plate evenly. Tightening torque 23 Nm (17 ftlb).

6. Tighten guide tube. Check for correct seating. Tightening torque 10 Nm (7 ftlb).

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