Removing and installing hydraulic control unit Removal

3. Disconnect connector from transmission Note socket, turning bayonet lock to the left and

The control unit is removed along with the Pullin9 off connector, transmission wiring harness.

1. Drain ATF fluid.


A = Bayonet lock

B = ATF pan mounting (hexagon head nut with washer)

2. Remove breather hoses from reservoir and remove ATF pan complete with reservoir.

A = Bayonet lock 1259-38

4. Unscrew hexagon nut for socket.

5. Remove ATF filter.


6. Screw out six fastening screws (12 mm head dia.) and take offcontrol unit along with wiring harness.


Do not leave control unit suspended at wiring harness !


1. Set selector lever to "P\

2. Also set selector slide at control unit to "P", pulling out the selector lever all the way.

3. Place control unit on a suitable support (e.g. transmission jack) at installation height.

4. Insert socket of transmission harness in correct position, using a round seal. Flatted side is used to prevent inadvertent rotation. Fix hexagon nut and tighten to specified torque.


Do not leave control unit suspended at wiring harness.

5. Install control unit in such a manner that the pin of the detent disc engages in the cutout of the selector slide.

A = Screw length 80 mm B = Screw length 70 mm C = Screw length 27 mm

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6. Tighten tastening screws to specified torque.


A = Screw length 80 mm B = Screw length 70 mm C = Screw length 27 mm

7. Fit ATF filter complete with sealing ring and tighten fastening screws to specified torque.

8. Connect wiring harness to transmission socket, engaging connector carefully into socket (fits only in one position) and locking it by turning the bayonet lock to the right.


9. Place solenoid in round groove to ATF pan, place gasket into position and tighten pan using the retaining brackets.

10. Fit bleeder hoses to reservoir.

11. Fit ATF drain plug with new seal and tighten to specified torque.


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