Removing and installing spur gear drive Note

The spur gear drive may be removed and fitted with the transmission remaining installed.


1. Take ATF spray line off housing.

2. Disconnect ATF breather hoses from reservoir.

3. Screw out twelve fastening bolts and lift off spur gear drive.

If required, separate drive by applying light blows with a plastic mallet.


A = ATF spray line B = ATF breather hoses


1. Bond new gasket with grease (vaseline) to the housing and align correctly.

A =

Centering pins (Special Tool 9321)

B =


C =


D =

4 cup springs (two of each facing

each other)

2. Place spur gear drive into position and tighten all fastening bolts to the specified torque.


Due to the preload of the cup springs on the parking pawl gear, the spur gear drive cannot be pushed on manually all the way (to ap-prox. 3 to 4 mm). Its final installation position is achieved by tightening the fastening bolts.

3. Fit ATF spray line to housing.

4. Fit ATF breather hoses to reservoir, using suitable hose clamps.


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