Removing and installing transmission


1. Remove rear muffler and heat shield.

2. Unbolt drive shafts on transmission side and suspend horizontally on vehicle.

3. Pull off rpm sensor (Inductive sensor) and uncllp wire from transmission housing. On USA vehicles, remove support at rear transmission cover.

4. Disconnect wiring connectors at transmission.

Model A 44

6. Disconnect selector lever cable from lever and bracket from transmission. The ball socket keeps the cable from jumping out of position.


7. Remove cover for service hole and undo torque converter fastening bolts. If required, lock pulley to keep assembly from turning.


5. Disconnect ATF lines from transmission housing, using a second open-ended wrench to lock. Plug oil bores to avoid ingress of dirt.


8. Keep transmission complete with central tube in installation position, placing a suitable wooden block between crosslink and central tube. Make sure the oil lines have enough clearance.





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11. Remove fastening bolts for transmis sion/central tube housing. Pull back transmission with torque converter and extract carefully towards bottom. Secure torque converter against dropping out.

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