Repairing the Tiptronic wiring harness

1. Disconnect battery.

2. Remove trunk floor carpeting.

3. Undo right-hand side trim in Tiptronic control unit area.


Also remove vibration damper on Cabriolet vehicles.

4. Remove control unit.

6. Disconnect transmission wiring connectors.

5. Open tie-wrap.

Tiptronic Solenoid Remove

7. Detach wiring harness from transmission and push it out across hole in passenger compartment.

8. Cut off wiring harness to transmission at a distance of 310 mm from control unit connector.


9. Remove cloth tape along a length of approx. 30 mm.

10. Strip all wires (except sensor wire to speedometer) along a length of 4 mm.

11. Solder connectors to the following wires:

- green

- brown

- orange


Identify the brown wire among three brown wires using an ohmmeter or a continuity tester. The brown wire required is routed to pin 44 of the Tiptronic control unit.

12. Equip the socket housing according to the below list and latch the housing:

6 - orange

13. Solder connectors to the following wires:

- purple

14. Equip pin housing according to the below list and latch the housing:

8 - purple

15. Open control unit connector.

16. Push handle cover back onto wiring harness.

17. Cut sensor wire at a distance of 100 mm from the contact carrier.


18. Remove insulating sleeving.

19. Twist exposed shield, cut down to 60 mm and insulate with shrink-fit hose to a length of 10 mm.

20. Shorten brown wire to 80 mm and white wire to 70 mm and strip a length of 10 mm each.

21. Route sensor wire of repair wiring harness across handle cover and crimp with wires inside the connector.



To facilitate identification, the Fig. shows the control wire only. The other wires are omitted.

22. Insulate crimp connectors with shrink-fit hose.

23. Reassemble control unit connector.

24. Place control unit connector into position, connect repair wiring harness and Tiptronic wiring harness and fit Tiptronic control unit complete with bracket.

25. Tie both joints together using a tie-wrap and attach to control unit bracket:

- Coupe: with sheet-metal nut and sheet-metal screw

- Cabriolet: with tie-wrap Note

Observe wire routing modified with regard to standard routing (refer to Fig. 1661-97).

26. Connect sensor wire to transmission wiring harness using a length of tape.

Also attach wiring harness to tucker stud using a length of perforated tape.

27. Use "Drive links" menu on System Tester 9288 to check operation of solenoids and gear display.

28. Check operation of rpm sensor using the "Actual values" menu on System Tester



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