Replacing part of door sill with side member and floor pan

Fitting part of door sill with side member and floor section into body



Perform straightening operations and adjust body with attachment set

Perform all straightening operations on the bodywork. Adjust body with attachment brackets. Trial-fit door into body aperture.

The door gap between door and body must be uniform along the entire surround.

Clean welding areas Using a hot air gun or rotary wire brush, remove under-

sealing, paint etc. from welding areas of body. Remove factory primer from weldings areas of spare panels with a rotary wire brush.

Fit floor pan into body and Fit spare floor panel into body, making an overlap fit in prepare for welding the floor and tunnel areas. Joddle spare floor panel to the inside in those areas. Drill spare floor panel for plug welding.

1 Weld floor panel into body Clamp spare floor panel with clamping tools. Plug weld spare floor panel with rear floor, front floor and tunnel using MIG equipment. MIG-weld overlapping areas between spare floor panel and floor pan, running an intermittent full seam.

Prepare center side member for fitting into body

Prepare center side member along front side member mating flange for full-seam MIG welding and along floor pan flange for MIG plug welding.

Fit center side member into body and MIG-weld

Fit center side member into body and adjust according to door and seat base contours. Plug-weld center side member to rear side member and floor pan using MIG equipment.



Prepare seat base for fitting and weld into place

Drill seat base along spotweld flanges for plug welding. Plug weld seat base to center floor panel and tunnel, using MIG equipment. MIG-weld seat base to center side member running an intermittent full seam.

4 Fit web panel and weld into Drill web panel along front and rear spotweld flanges for place plug welding. Fit web panel to center side member and center floor using clamping tools and spotweld into place. Plug weld web panel to rear inner side panel and front side panel, using MIG equipment.

5 Fit door sill and weld into Adjust rear end of spare door sill to body sill, making a place butt joint. Drill door sill in hinge post mating area for plug welding. Fit door sill into body and adjust according to door contours. Fit door sill to center floor pan and center side member using clamping tools. MIG-weld spare door sill to body door sill running a full seam, making a butt-joint. Spotweld door sill to center floor pan, center side member and web panel. Plug-weld door sill to hinge post using MIG equipment.

6 Fit floor side member and Fit spare floor side member to body flor side member, weld into place making a butt joint. Drill floor side member along spot weld flanges for plug welding. MIG-weld spare floor side member to body side member, making a butt joint. Plug weld floor side member to floor pan, using MIG equipment.

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