Result memory

The result memory registers triggering of an alarm, the contact that triggered the alarm as well as the type of activation. A maximum of 10 results may be stored. If another result is stored, the oldest result stored is deleted. The result with the highest number is the most up-to-date result. Alarms may be triggered by contacts at the following components:

- Doors

- normal, i.e. locking the doors with the key, thus activating the central locking system

- locking three times, i.e. locking one of the door locks rapidly for three consecutive times

- System check

The type of activation may be invoked with button 1 on the below display:

- Engine compartment

- Luggage compartment


- X -

activated by


- Radio

Additional alarm triggering options:

- Term. 15 on after system has been activated


Erase the result memory whenever the alarm system has been checked.

- Signal to input 1

- Signal to input 2

- Signal to input 3

- Position switch

- Open circuit of closed loop (radio).


Up to three alarms may be triggered across input 2.

The following types of activation are to be distinguished:

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