Safety measures

Ignition and preparation should only be carried out by property qualified personnel under the supervision of a second, responsible person.

Allow airbag units to cool down after ignition and observe them carefully.

Avoid skin contact with airbag units which have been ignited.

- All other generally applicable accident prevention regulations must be complied with.

- Only ignite airbag units which are in original condition and properly installed.

- Ignite airbag units only in suitable open spaces.

- Use only the ignition equipment specifically intended for the purpose.

- First remove all loose objects from the air-bag expansion area.

- Anyone likely to be affected should be warned about the noise in advance.

- Use the whole length of the ignition device's cable in order to maintain a safe distance from the airbag unit which is to be ignited.

- Do not connect the ignition device to the power source until everything else is ready.

- Position yourself and anyone else involved in front of the vehicle.

- Ignite the airbag unir with the vehicle's doors closed but the tailgate/trunk lid or side windows open.

- If ignition fails to occur, do not approach the vehicle until approx. 3 minutes have elapsed.

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