Technical Data 968 968 CS


Remarks, dimensions

Wear limit

Operating brakes (foot brake)

Brake booster (light weight built) Boost coefficient

Brake master cylinder** (aluminum design) 0 in mm

Brake power regulator in rear axle circuit switchover pressure/ reduction coefficient

Brake discs 0 front rear

Effective brake disc dia.

front rear

Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with front/rear axle circuit division

(black/white), brake booster, vented brake discs with fixed caliper on front and rear axle.

The pushrod brake circuit is allocated to the front wheels.

4 pistons per each fixed caliper.

0 9 inch


18 bar/046

299 mm

246 mm

* The values in brackets are valid for the 968 / 968 CS models with M 030 special running gear. The brake disc used for the M 030 special running gear are drilled. The same applies to the rear brakes. The rear brake dimensions are identical to those of the standard brake system.

Technical Data 968 / 968 CS 46 - 01

Printed in Germany - XI, 1994


Remarks, dimensions

Wear limit

Piston dia. in brake caliper front, mm

2 x 36 + 2 x 40 (2 x 36 + 2 x 44)*

rear, mm

2 x 28 + 2 x 30

Brake pad thickness front rear

13 mm 13 mm

2 mm 2 mm

Brake pad area (each front wheel

86 cm2 (126 cm2)*

Brake pad area (each rear wheel)

86 cm2

Total brake pad area

344 cm2 (424 cm2)*

Brake pad thickness, new front rear

28 mm (32 mm)* 24 mm

Min. brake disc thickness**

after refacing front rear

26.6 mm (30.6 mm)* 22.6 mm

26 mm (30 mm)* 22 mm

Tolerance of thickness of brake disc max.

0.02 mm

Lateral runout of brake disc max.

0.05 mm

Lateral runout of fitted brake disc max.

0.1 mm

Lateral runout of wheel hub max.

0.05 mm

Surface roughness of brake disc after machining max.

0.006 mm

The values in brackets are valid for the 968/968 CS models with M 030 special running gear. ** The brake disc may only be machined symmetrically, i.e. in a uniform manner on both sides


Remarks, dimensions

Wear limit

Play at brake pedal

approx. 10 mm

with brakes bled and

engine standing still

Parking brake

Drum brake, with mechanical action on both rear wheels

(hand brake)

Parking brake drum dia.

180 mm

181 mm

Brake shoe width

25 mm

Brake lining area (each wheel)

85 cm2

Brake lining thickness

4.5 mm

2 mm

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