Technical data of air conditioning system As of MY

Refrigerant charge 860 g refrigerant R 134a

Refrigerant oil in compressor 120 ± 20 c.c. ND 8

Tightening torques for refrigerant lines

Outside thread dia.


Tightening torque, Nm (ftlb.)


18 UNF

17 ±3 (13 ±2)


16 UNF

24 ±4 (18+3)

Hexagon head bolts


Tightening torque, Nm (ftlb.)

Evaporator Compressor

Pressure switch to refrigerant line 3 Nm (2 ftlb.) Note

When fitting the refrigerant line, coat the fittings and O-rings lightly with refrigerant oil. The refrigerant oil must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Technical data of air conditioning system Printed in Germany - XII, 1994

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