Test point

Hall signal To check the Hall signal, disconnect plug at the cylinder head be-

Fault code 1 34 hind the camshaft sprocket and insert 3-pin adapter lead (VW 1501).

Connect oscilloscope to terminals 1 and 2 of the adapter lead, start engine.

If the Hall system is O.K., the following signal must be displayed:

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

If the DME control unit detects a missing Hall signal, ignition timing is retarded by approx. 6° in all rpm ranges.

Test point 18


Fault code 1 35

Using the System Tester 9288, VarioCam may be checked directly in the Drive links menu item or the Drive link active test point. A switching noise must be audible in case of the Drive links test point. For the Drive link active menu item, the entire system is checked with the engine running. With this test, there is a risk of the engine stalling due to valve overlap. This causes communication to the System Tester 9288 to be interrupted. To be able to continue the diagnosis, switch the ignition off and back on again. Then press the " > " key on the System Tester.

If VarioCam is not triggered, disconnect plug at the solenoid. Switch ignition on. Connect voltmeter to plug (refer to drawing) and ground (engine).

Display: Battery voltage

No display: Check wiring according to wiring diagram

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