Test point

Fuel pump relay Start engine - the fuel pump must operate during engine starting.

Fault code 1_42

Switch off ignition. Disconnect control unit plug. Use a test lead to connect terminal 36 and terminal 24 of the control unit plug. Using an additional test lead, connect terminal 3 of DME plug to ground (e.g. door stop). The pump must run.

If not:

Check in accordance with wiring diagram

Test point 22 Tank ventilation valve (V)

Fault code 1_43

a) Activation test

To activate the tank ventilation valve directly, System 9288 may be used, selecting the Drive links menu item. If there is no audible pulse from the tank venting valve, check voltage supply at the terminal — refer to drawing — of the tank ventilation valve plug and body ground according to the wiring diagram. Ignition on. Display: Battery voltage b) Control signal test

Connect DME test lead (Bosch No. 1 684 463 093) between tank ventilation valve and plug connection. Connect and adjust engine tester according to manufacturer's instructions.

When the engine operates at operating temperature, the tank ventilation valve (at the brake booster) is opened for a longer or shorter period as a function of the load. The opening period is determined by a ground pulse from the control unit.

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

The tank ventilation valve is not activated permanently.

Testing must be performed within 7 minutes after starting the engine at operating temperature. Then interrupt activation of ventilation valve for approx. 75 seconds, continue afterwards.

Start engine and accelerate. With the engine at operating temperature, the following display must be visible on the tester:

The signal becomes wider as the air throughput increases. If there is no signal, check path in accordance with wiring diagram

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