Test point

Rpm signal Run test using an oscilloscope. Connect and adjust shop oscillo-

Fault code 1_18 scope according to manufacturer's instructions.

Connect oscilloscope test lead with terminal 49 and terminal 48 of the disconnected DME control unit plug.

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

Start engine. Sinewave fluctuations of 3 V min. must now be displayed. An intermittently higher amplitude indicates the reference mark signal.

1 - Rpm signal

2 - Reference mark signal

If the voltage signal is too low (< 3V), the gap between sensor and ring gear may be adjusted incorrectly.

Sensor gap: between ring gear and sensor: 0.8 ±0.2 mm. Using System Tester 9288, the reference mark signal may be read directly in the Input signals menu item.

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