Test points 11 and

Idle stabilizer (V)

Fault code 127 1 28

The idle stabilizer is designed as a twin-winding actuator with one opening winding and one closing winding.

Using the System Tester 9288, actuation of the idle stabilizer may be read directly In the Drive links menu item.

If no higher pulse is present, check the following:

Voltage supply

Connect voltmeter with disconnected plug of idle stabilizer terminal 2 and engine ground. Ignition on.

No display:

Check power supply in accordance with wiring diagram. Checking the control signal

Using the System Tester 9288, the idle stabilizer signal may be read directly in the Actual values menu item. Operational check: Switch on loads in idle mode. % display must change, idle speed remains constant. If not:

Connect 3-pin adapter lead VW 1501 between idle stabilizer and plug port.

Connect oscilloscope to the adapter lead terminal 2 and terminal 1 as well as terminal 2 and terminal 3, respectively.

Make sure the wiring connectors are not shorted to vehicle ground (to avoid short circuits).

With the engine running, the following display must appear:

If no audible pulse is detected even though voltage is present and a signal is applied, replace the idle stabilizer.

Display: Battery voltage

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