Adjusting Special Tool 9201

The measuring gauge has been preset to a display of 4.0 dial values and allows the Special Tool 9201 to be checked and to be set to 4.0 dial values, respectively.

Adjustment of the device is required after:

- approx. 100 measurements

- hard shocks

- minor damage

If major damage is present or if the display deviates by more than approx. 2.0 dial values, the devices cannot be adjusted any more. Return the device to the manufacturer for repair.


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Tools required:

- Hex socket head screwdriver 1.5 A/F (for new tools)

- Measuring gauge 9201/2

1. Adjust to zero, rotating dial ring of dial gauge until pointer and zero line up.

2. Place measuring gauge 9201/2 into position, making sure both measuring mating faces on the sliding blocks are centered. (Measuring gauges of the new type are made of one piece, allowing them to be placed into position easier).

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3. Measure as when using the tool on the toothed belt, i.e. press in measuring button until engagement of the lock pin is felt, and read off displayed value on the dial gauge.

Adjusting Special Tool 9201

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992

4. If the display is beyond the measuring range of 4.0 ± 0.3 dial values, readjust dial gauge. To do so, use hex socket head screwdriver or standard screwdriver, respectively, to turn the adjusting screw until the specified value of 4.0 dial values is obtained. The measuring gauge 9201/2 rests between the measuring pointer of the tester.

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5. Follow adjustment with another test.

Adjusting Special Tool 9201

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992

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