Adjusting the front wheel bearings

Wheel bearing clearance is adjusted correctly when the thrust washer may be moved by applying finger pressure using a screwdriver (but not by rotational or levering action).

1. Take off wheel. Lever off hub cap with two tire irons or Special Tool VW 637/2 (lever).

2. Remove pan head screw of clamping nut. Tighten clamping nut somewhat, rotating the hub at the same time.

3. Loosen clamping nut far enough to allow the thrust washer to be shifted barely with a screwdriver.

When shifting the washer, do not use the hub as a support for the screwdriver.

4. Tighten pan head screw of clamping nut to 13 + 3 Nm (10 + 2 ftlb) without rotating the clamping nut.

5. Recheck adjustment by shifting the thrust washer, correct if required.

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