Assembly notes

1. Using Tool 30-205, drive in cylindrical roller bearing outer race for drive pinion until it is seated against the stop. Be sure to use Special Tool 9535 as a support for the collar/stop of the cylindrical roller bearing.

2. Determining snap ring for four-point bearing:

Press in outer race of four-point bearing until it is seated against the stop.

Determine the thickest snap ring that can just about be inserted.

End play must not be more than 0.08 mm.

3. When replacing the bearing races, upset the edge of the baffle plate. Insert baffle plate and use a drift (ball dia. = 5 mm) to apply new upsetting marks (arrow 2) at a distance of "a" = 5 mm to the initial upsetting marks (arrow 1). "b" = 2 mm "c" = 3 mm

4. Upset baffle plate when replacing the end cover.

Reinstall baffle plate.

First upsetting mark (large arrow) must be at a distance of "d" = 10 mm to the connecting line of the shaft center.

- Also apply second and third upsetting marks at a distance of "a" = 70 mm using a drift (ball dia. = 5 mm), "b" = 2 mm "c" = 3 mm

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