Assembly notes

1. Check synchronizing ring, pressing the ring onto the taper of the gearwheel and measuring gap „a" using a feeler gauge.

Gap "a"

Installation dimension (new) = 0.75...2.3 mm Wear limit = 0.2 mm


2. Fit return gear with synchronizing ring.

- Fit return lever „A" and return gear "B", making sure the deflection lever engages into the driver of the return gear.

- Install synchronizing ring, observing correct position.

Installation position: Chamfer (arrow 1) faces drive shaft.

- Install thrust spring into correct position. Installation position: Hook single-hook end into cutout in the synchronizing ring (arrow 2) and double-hook end into aperture at end shield (arrow 3).


- Push in axle ,,C", ensuring it Is seated in correct position.

- Place retainer plate „A" into position. Installation position: The radii of the bores for the lock pins of the synchronizing ring face the end shield.

- Place spring clamp ,,B" into position.

- Always replace screw ,,D" (micro-sealed screw) and tighten to 25 Nm (18 ftlb).

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