Checking oil pressure

1. Remove oil pressure transmitter and screw oil pressure tester VW 1342 together with M 10 x 1 adapter, and M 10 x 1/M 18 x 1.5 adapter, in its place in the oil/water cooler housing.

2. Run engine to operating temperature (80' C oil temperature), checking the temperature with, for example, an oil temperature tester (Special Tool 9122 + 9122/2).

3. At idle speed the oil pressure should be 2.5 bar or more.

Have a second person accelerate the engine speed to 4000 rpm. Read oil pressure from tester. The value should be greater than 4.5 bar.

4. Install oil pressure transmitter with a new A 18 x 24 seal.

Tightening torque: 35 Nm.

Porsche 968 Idle Speed
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