Checking Thickness of Brake Pads Note

All brake pads on one axle must be replaced when the brake pad wear warning lamp comes on or, at the latest, if a residual pad thickness of 2 mm is reached.

If the warning lamp indicates worn brake pads, the warning contact (sender incl. electric lead and plug) must also be replaced. Replacement of the warning contact can be prevented if the brake pads are replaced at the latest when they are worn to a thickness of 2.5 mm. If the electric lead of the warning contact has rubbed off to expose the bare core, the warning contacts must be replaced. Replacement is not necessary, however, if rubbing traces are limited to the plastic part of the warning contact.

1. To check the rear brake pads, remove the rear wheels*.

The front brake pads may be checked without removing the wheels.

2. Check brake pads visually for wear.

Wear limit has been reached when a pad is worn to a residual thickness of 2 mm.


* Note instructions on page 44 - 03 (fitting of Cup Design wheels)

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