Dismantling and assembling door rearview mirror

Dismantling door rearview mirror

No. Operation

1 Separate mirror glass from adjusting motor

Disconnect plug Dismantle connector

Dismantle connector

Disengage contact pins

Loosen adjusting motor

Separate mirror base from mirror housing


Press mirror glass down into mirror housing. Insert a screwdriver across the bottom aperture into the mirror housing and loosen mirror glass retainer by turning the retaining ring.

Disconnect plug for mirror glass heater.

Push back sealing cushion on wiring harness. Insert a small screwdriver from the wiring harness side to disengage the insert, pressing at the cables at the same time.

Note: The insert is now in the preengagement position.

To remove the insert completely, disengage both remaining lugs in the same way.

Disengage contact pins by pulling lightly at the wires and turning the contact pins to and fro at the same time.

Undo fastening screws of adjusting motor. Remove outside sensor from mirror housing and lift it out complete with its wiring harness.

Clamp 14 mm socket hex head wrench in a vise. Place stud for mirror base / mirror housing union onto the socket hex head wrench. Loosen union by applying force in axial direction and rotating the door mirror by 90 deg. Remove stud complete with centering washers and tensioning spring.

Remove reinforcing plate

Undo fastening screws and take reinforcing plate out of mirror housing. Remove mirror housing seal.

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