Dismantling and assembly notes Dismantling

1. Press off synchronizer hub for 3rd and 4th gear.


1. Insert spring into loose gearwheel, engaging the hooked end Into the bore.


2. Check synchronizing ring for wear, pushing synchronizing ring into the sliding sleeve and measuring gap "a" in three places (A, B and C) using a feeler gauge. Add measured values and divide by 3. The resulting value must not be less than 0.5 mm.

3. Heat synchronizing body to approx. 100°C and press into place, observing correct position. Make sure the oil groove (arrow 1) lines up with the oil bore (arrow 2) In the drive shaft.




5. Drive clamping sleeve into the drive shaft, inserting 9 mm dia. drift "A" into the oil bore and driving in clamping sleeve "B" until it rests on the drift stop.


4. Redetermine thickness of snap ring on the A = Drift, 9 mm dia.

synchronizer hub. B = Clamping sleeve

- Press synchronizer hub up to the stop, observing correct position.

- Determine the thickest snap ring that can just barely be inserted and insert snap ring. Make sure the opening lines up with the oil groove of the synchronizer hub.


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