Dismantling and assembly notes Dismantling

1. Remove front wheel.

2. Open combination plug at A-arm and pull out connector. Unclip wiring at spring strut.

7. Separate A-arm (ball joint) from steering knuckle (A). Undo strut at body. Remove strut and steering knuckle.


Undo bolt unions (arrows) of strut and steering knuckle (camber adjustment) only if components are to be replaced.

3. Remove brake caliper from steering knuckle and suspend at a suitable location.

4. Remove brake cooling air duct from A-arm and spring strut.

5. Separate tie-rod ball joint from operating lever. Use a suitable separator, e.g. Nexus 168 - 1.

8. When removing the A-arm, undo bolt union (A) - caster eccentric to A-arm mount or A-arm (caster adjustment) - only if the A-arm or A-arm mount is to be replaced.

6. Undo stabilizer mount at stabilizer bar and A-arm.


1. Assemble in reverse order. No welding or straightening is permissible on suspension components. Use specified assembly pastes. Observe correct tightening torques.

2. When carrying out assembly operations affecting ride level height or wheel adjustment settings, the suspension alignment must be checked.

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