Exterior equipment

Body paint colors beginning with 1992 models 66-01

Removing and installing plastic end and side applicates — Cabriolet 66 - 1

Removing and Installing tank flap — Cabriolet 66 - 3

Removing and installing door mirror 66-5

Removing and fitting side member panel 66 - 9

Removing and fitting side member panel 66-15

Removing and installing badge on cover 66-19

Removing and installing wheel housing liner 66-21

interior equipment / Airbag

Inspecting seat belts 68 - 1

Safety Precautions for Working on Cars with Airbag 68-49

Replacing cover for passenger airbag 68-51

Removing and installing Airbag Steering Wheel 68-53

Removing and installing Airbag Components 68-55

Checking Airbag System Operation 68-61

Correct disposal of airbag units 68-63

Repairing horn buttons on airbag steering wheel 68-69


Checking seat heating 72 - 1

Calibrating controllable seat heating 72-3

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