Fitting toothed belt for balance shaft Note

Handle balance shaft toothed belt with care, avoid twisting or turning as this may cause excessive running noise. Store separately.

When replacing the toothed belt, do not undo the mounting bolts of the balance shaft drive sprockets.

1. Rotate crankshaft clockwise until the TDC mark on the camshaft drive sprocket lines up with the mark on the toothed belt cover. The TDC mark on the flywheel (center notch of double-mass flywheel) must also line up.

2. Rotate both balance shafts (without toothed belts) until the marks on the balance shaft drive sprockets are lined up with the marks on the rear toothed belt cover.

3. Fit the toothed belt:

When fitting the toothed belt, make sure the belt side with the color-coded tooth faces towards the outside.

4. Adjust toothed belt tension according to specification.

Fitting toothed belt for balance shaft

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992

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