Apply a trapezoidal bead of 2-pack adhesive to the bonding section of the rear side window using the bonding gun.

Place rear side window into bodywork

Place rear side window into window aperture and press into place.

Locate rear side window

Attach two strips of adhesive tape to locate the rear side window in roof area.

Note: The locating strips may be removed after approx. 1 hour.

Clean visible areas

Remove adhesive that has squeezed out immediately and clean the visible areas affected using cleaning solution (H5).

Refit interior

Fit cover rail.


The bonding does not immediately reach its full strength. To ensure sufficient bonding strength, the following boundary conditions must be met:

Curing time 3 hours

Temperature min. 5' C

Fixing time approx. 1 hour

Bonding time approx. 1 hour

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