Machining the cylinder head mating

Checking cylinder head for distortion

Using a feeler gauge and ruler or straight edge, check the cylinder head mating face for distortion.

Admissible distortion of the mating face: 0.05 mm

Distorted cylinder heads may be repaired by machining the mating face. Admissible distortion after machining: 0.03 mm.

Machining the cylinder head

Reface cylinder head mating face only until the surface is level. Max. wear limit: 146,6 mm

Note for refacing the mating face: Max. roughness = 0,015 mm

If the new-dimension tolerance is exceeded during machining, a cylinder head gasket with a thickness of 1.4 mm must be fitted.

New dimension A = 147 ±0.1 mm Wear limit A =146.6 mm

Machining dimension and identification of the cylinder head

Identification : none

Refacing dimension : 146.8... 146.6 mm Gasket : 1.4 mm

Identification : N

Identification ,,N"

To be applied on the exhaust side between cylinder nos. 2 and 3, on the boss below the mating surface of the cylinder head cover.

Height of stamped character ,,N" 6 mm

Machining the cylinder head mating face 15 -19

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992

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