No Operation Instructions

8 Prepare application nozzle Prepare application nozzle (H9) for application of adhesive to the windshield by cutting according to drawing.

9 Open nozzle fitting of cartridge Use a screwdriver to pierce the diaphragm in the nozzle containing component A fitting of the cartridge containing component A (H1).

10 Open flanged cover of cartridge Use the screwdriver handle to pierce the flanged cover containingcomponent A at the end of the cartridge containing component A (H1).

11 Screw filling nozzle onto cart- Screw filling nozzle (H1) onto cartridge containing ridge containing component A component A (H10).

12 Place cartridge containing Place cartridge containing component A (H1) into bon-component A into bonding gun ding gun (C).

Remove screw-on cap from mixing cartridge (H3).

13 Press component A into mixing Insert filling nozzle (H9) of cartridge containing compo-cartridge nent A (H1) into mixing cartridge.

Press component A into mixing cartridge (H3) using the bonding gun.

14 Open screw-on fitting of cart- Use a knife to cut off the tip of the nozzle fitting of the ridge containing component B cartridge containing component B (H2).

15 Screw injector nozzle onto Screw injector nozzle (H7) onto cartridge containing cartridge cont. component B component B (H2).

16 Place cartridge containing Place cartridge containing component B (H2) into component B into bonding gun bonding gun (C).



17 Press component B into mixing cartridge containing component A

Introduce injector nozzle (H7) of cartridge containing component B (H2) into mixing cartridge (H3). Use the bonding gun (C) to press component B (H2) into mixing cartridge (H3) containing component A.

Close mixing cartridge

Pull injector nozzle (H7) out of mixing cartridge (H3) and close mixing cartridge with screw-on cap.

19 Screw mixing rod into mixing cartridge

Screw mixing rod (G) manually Into internal thread of mixing disc in the mixing cartridge (H3). Clamp other end of mixing rod into a drill chuck. Fit the drill into a suitable clamping device.

20 Mix component A and component B

Switch on drill (900 to 1200 rpm) and rotate mixing cartridge 25 times from stop to stop. Perform all 25 double strokes fairly rapidly.

21 Engage mixing disc into piston

Pull back mixing cartridge until a rattling sensation is felt.

Switch off drill and screw mixing rod out of mixing cartridge.

The mixing disc will then engage into the piston of the mixing cartridge.

22 Place mixing cartridge into bonding gun

Insert mixing cartridge with mixed 2-pack windshield adhesive into bonding gun.

Screw application nozzle (H8) onto mixing cartridge.

Caution: Open time is 15 minutes!

Open time is the time available for application of the adhesive and for installing the windshield into the aperture in the body.

Installing the windshield

No. Operation Instructions

23 Apply adhesive to the Apply a trapezoidal continuous bead of 2-pack adhesive bodywork to the body flange using the bonding gun.

Note: Do not apply adhesive to the cowl panel area (only across the width of the front cover) of the body flange.

Change application nozzle

Screw application nozzle H8 off the mixing cartridge and screw application nozzle H9 onto the mixing cartridge.

24 Apply adhesive to the windshield

Using the bonding gun, apply 2-pack adhesive to the bonding section of the windshield in the cowl panel area (including both lower windshield radii).


When applying the adhesive, make sure the adhesive overlaps in the area of the lower windshield radii.

Insert windshield into body aperture

Insert windshield into windshield aperture and press in place.

Move windshield until the gaps between the A-pillars and the windshield are parallel. In the roof area, the gap between windshield and body is 2 mm.

Locate windshield

Attach two strips of adhesive tape to locate the windshield and to keep it from sagging. Note: The locating strips may be removed after 1.5 to 2 hours.

No. Operation

Clean visible areas


Remove adhesive that has squeezed out immediately and clean the visible areas affected using cleaning solution (H5).

Refit exterior parts

Press windshield cover molding into retainer. Install windshield wipers and front cover. Convertible only:

Insert windshield antenna and fit cover molding for antenna cable.

Refit interior

Refit A-pillar linings, roof rail linings, sun visors and interior rearview mirror.


The bonding does not immediately reach its full strength. In order to ensure sufficient bonding strength, the following boundary conditions must be met:

Curing time 3 hours

Temperature min. 5 deg. C

Fixing time 1.5-2 hours

Do not operate the vehicle before the curing time has elapsed!

Removing and installing rear side window — 2-pack adhesive

The following tools and materials are required for removal and installation of the rear side window using 2-pack adhesive:



VAG 1561

e.g. VW Werk AG


Twin-cup suction puller

VAG 1344

Service equipment supply


Bonding gun

VAG 1628


Cutting knife, curved


e.g. C & E FEIN GmbH & Co.


Flashing knife


P.O. Box 172


Cutting knife, cranked


7000 Stuttgart 1


Mixing rod 9528


Porsche Parts Department


Adhesive set


Contents of adhesive set:

H 1 =

Cartridge component A


7 =

Injector nozzle

H 2 =

Cartridge component B


8 =

Application nozzle

H 3 =

Mixing cartridge


9 =

Application nozzle

H 4 =



10 =

Filling nozzle

H 5 =



11 =

Touch-in tool

H 6 =

Cleaning solution

Removing and installing rear side window — 2-pack adhesive


Removing and installing rear side window — 2-pack adhesive

Removing and installing windshield - 2-pack adhesive

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