Note The lower spotweld flanges of the corner sections and the lock panels must be flush

Spotweld corner sections to lock panels and plug weld in side member area, using MIG equipment.

Offer up upper closing section to body and spotweld to body

Offer up upper closing panel - using test gauge 9121 for rear window aperture - to lower closing panel, attach with clamps and spotweld to body.

Offer up side panels to body and weld to body

Offer up spare side panels - along with test gauge 9121 for rear widow aperture - to body side panels, upper closing panel and outer wheel housings. MIG-weld spare side panels to body side panels, running a butt full seam.

Use clamps to attach side panels to upper closing panel and to wheel housings and spotweld them to body.

9 Offer up reinforcements to Offer up reinforcement spare part - in conjunction with body and weld to body test gauge 9121 for rear window aperture - to side pa nels and upper closing panel, locate with clamps and spotweld into place.

MIG-weld reinforcement spare part to body reinforcement, running a full seam. MIG-weld reinforcement spare parts to seat belt mounts, running an intermittent full seam.

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