Pin assignments of alarm control unit connector






4 - Anti-drive off feature

7 - Interior light

8 - Turn signal left

9 - Turn signal right 10-Horn

11 - Motor „Closed" Actuator door lock

12 - Motor „Open" Actuator door lock

13 - Rear cover unlocking switch

14 - LED driver's door

15 - LED passenger's door

Connector II


1 - Activate / closed

2 - Deactivate / open

5 - Luggage compartment contact

6 - Speedo signal Term. A

10 - Central locking system position switch

11 - Central locking system button

12 - Central locking system position switch

13- Radio 1

16 - Glove compartment contact

17-Input 3

18-Term. 15

20 - Central locking system button light

21 - Door contacts

24 - External electronics

Fault memory

Overview of possible displays

Control unit defective

Voltage failure Term. 3 0 with active alarm system

Voltage failure during alarm output

Position of the drives unplausible

Door(s) open during activation

Engine compartment open during activation

Luggage comp. open during activation

Glove comp. open during activation

Input 2 to ground during activation

Central lock button closed during activation

Input 1 to ground during activation

Input 3 to positive during activation

Position switch on drive closed during activation

Position switch on drive open during activation


(closed loop) interrupted during activation

Radio contact to ground during activation

Tailgate lock switch closed during activation

Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks


After a fault in the alarm system has occurred and after it has been remedied, the fault memory must be erased.

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