Removal and installation notes


If repairs are limited to the drive pinion and drive shaft, it is not required to remove reverse gear.


1. Determine snap rings for tapered roller bearings and 6th gear gearwheel (refer to page 34-17).

2. Install drive pinion with shift fork and shift rod for 1 st/3nd gear without driver into end shield.

3. Heat 6th gear gearwheel to approx. 120°C and press on.

Installation position: Flange must face tapered roller bearing

4. Fit snap ring.

5. Insert drive shaft complete with shift fork and 3rd/4th gear shift rod obliquely into the end shield. Observe correct installation position of shift fork.

6. Install inner race of cylinder roller bearing and fit snap ring.

7. Install driver for reverse, allowing the cutout to engage into the return lever, and slide 5th/6th gear shift rod across the driver.

8. Push 1st/2nd gear driver onto the shift rod and fit snap ring.

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