Removing Porsche 968 Steering Wheel

1. Disconnect battery.

2. Remove steering wheel. Observe safety precautions for airbag vehicles (Repair Group 68). For removal and installation of airbag steering wheel, refer to page 68 - 53.

3. Remove shrouding of airbag contact unit or steering column switch.

5. Remove steering column switch. Take off switch cover and steering lock shroud.

6. On vehicles with Keylock, remove the bowden cable for the steering lock. Before removing the cable, turn ignition key to "II" position (ignition on). Then remove bowden cable from ignition steering lock (arrow) (screw connection).


The ignition steering lock must remain in the "II" position. If it is in any other position, the ignition steering lock and the Keylock bowden cable are damaged.


Porsche 964 Airbag Steering Wheel

4. Remove airbag contact unit, disconnecting the plug and undoing the fastening screws.

7. Disconnect instrument cluster plug (to improve accessibility), connector of ignition switch and buzzer contact switch.

8. Drill out shear bolts of steering lock housing. Take out steering lock housing.





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