Removing and installing control unit Note

The control unit is fitted on the passenger side ahead of the glove box.

1. Disconnect battery and cover terminal or battery, respectively.

2. Undo shear-off nuts (2 pc.) with Special Tool 9259.

3. Undo hexagon head nuts (2 pc.) with socket wrench.

4. Push back rubber grommets and release connector latch.

5. Disengage connector. Note

The mounting locations at the body must be cleaned down to the bare metal. To tighten the shear-off nuts, use a 1/4 inch Allen key.

Fit shear-off nuts diagonally. The shear-off nuts are fitted without washers. The M 6 hexagon head nuts are used with A 6.4 DIN 125 washers.

Tightening torque of M 6 nuts: 10 Nm

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