Removing and installing door mirror Removing the door mirror



Cover mirror housing

Turn mirror housing forward

Lift off protective cap

Undo mirror base mounting Lift off door mirror Disconnect connector

Cover mirror housing in the mirror base mounting area to avoid damage.

Lift protective cap carefully off the mirror base mounting.

Release socket head screw for mirror base mounting. Lift door mirror and lift it off the door. Disconnect connector for mirror electronics.

Installing the door mirror



Reconnect connector Position door mirror Tighten mirror base

Put protective cap into place

Turn mirror housing back into initial position

Remove cap of mirror housing

Reconnect connector of mirror electronics.

Adjust mirror to hole pattern In door.

Tighten mirror base mounting of door mirror. Note: The socket head screw for the mirror base mounting features a microseal and must be replaced prior to installation.

Position protective cap on mirror base mounting.

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