Removing and installing transmission Model G 44 Removal

1. Undo drive shafts at transmission end and suspend horizontally on vehicle.

2. Disconnect connector for reverse light switch.

3. Push shift rod bellows to the rear and unscrew clamping screw. Disconnect shift rod from intermediate lever.

4. Unscrew pan head screws of clamping sleeve across inspection holes and push clamping sleeve towards transmission.


To fit the pan head screw into the central tube housing, use an extension with swivel joint (16° angle). Order No. SXW 10

Supplier's address: Snap-on Tools GmbH Rudolph Diesel Strasse 6 D-7104 Obersulm-Willsbach Phone 07134/3054

or any other Snap-on distributor worldwide.

5. Locate transmission complete with central tube in installation position, placing a suitable wooden block between the crosstube and the central tube.

6. Place a general-purpose transmission jack below the transmission and secure with a retaining strap.

7. Remove fastening bolts for transmission mounting.


8. Remove transmission/central tube fastening bolts.

9. Pull transmission to the rear and lower carefully towards bottom.


1. Fit transmission with general-purpose transmission jack.

2. Engage transmission and fit flange bolts. Tighten all fastening bolts to the specified torque.

3. Retain transmission in installation position and fit transmission mount.

4. Fit connectors for reverse light switch, shift rod and drive shafts.

Tightening torques:

Transmission to central tube

Shift rod

Mounting bracket to transmission Drive shafts

Order of assembly of the clamping sleeve:

Start by fitting one bolt each on left and right-hand side and tightening to 10 ±5 Nm (7 ±4 ftlb). Fit opposite bolts and tighten to 80 Nm (59 ftlb). Re-tighten the bolts fitted initially to 80 Nm (59 ftlb).

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