Removing and installing windshield 2pack adhesive Removing the windshield



Remove interior in the windshield area

Remove sun visors, interior rearview mirror, front roof rail lining and A-pillar lining.

Remove exterior parts in the windshield area

Remove front cover and windshield wipers. Convertible only:

Remove cover molding for antenna cable and disconnect windshield antenna connector.

Pull off cover molding

Detach and pull off windshield cover molding.

Remove spacer blocks

Vehicles with spacer blocks equipment only:

Undo eccentrics and lift off, making sure the notch in the eccentric points towards the mark on the spacer block. Push out spacer blocks in forward direction.


The spacer blocks are no longer required for fitting of the windshield, i.e. fitting the spacer blocks may be omitted when installing the windshield. For this purpose, undo the fittings, remove the spacer block supports and plug the bores in the cowl panel.

Lay protective cover over instrument panel

Cover instrument panel to avoid staining or damaging the panel.

Open door windows

Caution: The door windows must not be closed until the adhesive has cured completely.


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