Replacing ignition switch

Requirements for Keylock - vehicles:

- When removing and installing the ignition switch, the lock barrel must be fitted to the steering lock housing.

- The Keylock bowden cable may remain fitted.

Replacing ignition switch

1. Pull connector off ignition switch.

Unclip connector housing from steering column housing.

2. Turn ignition key (No. 3) to position "0" (key can be pulled off).

Turn out fastening screws (No. 1) of ignition key (No. 2). Extend ignition key carefully.


In case of Keylock vehicles, the steering lock housing must under no circumstances point in a downward direction when the ignition switch is removed or installed, respectively.

Also make sure the ignition key remains in the "0" position. If this precaution is not observed, the Keylock control mechanism (No. 4) may come apart.


3. Retract the ignition switch carefully and tighten the switch, keeping lock barrel and ignition switch in the "0" position (key may be pulled off).


On initial versions of the ignition switches, the wiring is located above the steering lock housing.

When replacing the switch (with modified ignition switch version), route the wiring below the steering lock housing (Fig. 1288-48).


Replacing ignition switch

Printed in Germany - VII, 1992

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