Replacing lock barrel of ignition steering lock

Requirements for Keylock vehicles:

- Keylock cable is not fitted.

- When removing and installing the lock barrel, the ignition switch must be fitted to the steering lock housing.

Replacing lock barrel

1. Screw stud for lock barrel out of steering lock housing.

2. Drill steering lock housing with 3 mm dia. drill acc. to figure.

3. Using a scriber or a similar tool, disengage the lock barrel across the 3 mm bore and pull it out.


For Keylock vehicles, observe the following: Ignition key in "0" position. To keep the lock pin in the unlock position, make sure ignition key has not been pulled off.

If required, preload lock pin (No. 1 / Fig. 1287-48) lightly when pulling out the lock barrel.

4. Before fitting the lock barrel, use a screwdriver to place the ignition switch in the "0" position (ignition key may be pulled off).


5. Insert and engage the lock barrel (No. 3) with the control cam extended (No. 2 / ignition key position 0).

Lock pin (No. 1) must be pushed back slightly (preloaded).

If a key from another 968 car Is available, use this key for that purpose.

If the matching key is used, there is a risk of the control cam (No. 2) turning with regard to the lock barrel (No. 3).

Replacing lock barrel of Ignition steering lock

Printed in Germany - VII, 1992

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