Safety Precautions for Working on Cars with Airbag

Airbag units are pyrotechnical items of Danger Class T 1. Handling, transportation and stor-age are subjected to the legislation for explo-sives.

The mentioned legislative measures refer to the Federal Republic of Germany. Always conform with the pertinent legislation in other countries.

When storing airbag units it is very important to make sure that the padded sides face up (danger of injury from an ejected airbag unit in case of accidental ignition).

Airbag units may not be stored together with other products in danger classification (paint, etc.).

The beginning of work on pyrotechnical items must be reported to the Trade Supervisory Office (official authorities) 14 days in advance.


The shipment of airbag units may only take place in the officially approved packaging for transportation. Airbag units may not be transported together with other dangerous items.

Within a company transportation is only permitted in the trunk or cargo room of a vehicle with use of the above mentioned packaging for transportation. Transportation in the passenger compartment is forbidden.


Storage of airbag units must be in conformance with the second ordinance of the legisa-tion for explosives. According to this ordinance small amounts of substances and items may be stored at certain locations without a special storage permit. For pyrotechnical items of Danger Class T 1 this would be max. 20 kg (gross) in a workroom or max. 200 kg (gross) in a storeroom. Airbag units must be stored locked.

Safety Precautions for Working on Cars with Airbag

Printed in Germany - IV, 1992

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