Setting up machine

Roughing adjustment - table described in column 1. Dressing adjustment - table described in column 2. Polishing adjustment - table described in column 3. Lapping - uncovering the silicium crystals.

1. Set up machine as described in column 4 of test sheet.

2. Thoroughly remove all abrasive residue form previous honing jobs with filtered honing oil.

3. Wipe cylinder bores dry and apply a thin coat of thoroughly mixed silicium mixture. Note:

If the silicium mixture is too consistent, it can be diluted by adding fresh honing oil and mixing thoroughly.

4. Holders with felt inserts are now placed in th grinding attachment instead of guide shoe and honing stones.

Adjusting to the cylinder diameter is made with a gage as for the guide rails and honing stones.

5. Soak felt inserts in filtered honing oil and coat with silicium mixture.

6. Stop grining oil feed; cylinders are lapped without grinding oil!

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