Standard Colors Special Colors

Grand Prix white 908 Slate gray metallic 22D

Black 700 Slate grey metallic 23F*

Maritime blue 38B Oakgreen metallic 22L

Indian red 80K Horizon blue metallic 37X

Signal green 22S Cobalt blue metallic 37U

Mint green 22R Coral red metallic 82H

Rubystone red 82N Polar silver metallic 92E

Polar silver metallic 92M*

Black pearl effect 738

Midnight blue metallic 37W

Midnight blue pearl effect 39C*

Amethyst pearl effect 38A

Amethyst pearl effect 83K*

Amazonas green pearl effect 39A

* = Water-base paints

Water-base paints are applied exclusively by the manufacturer during production spraying. For repair of water-base paints, conventional refinishing paints matching the color of the original paint are used. I.e. the only prerequisite for resprays is that the correct refinishing paint is used (refer to Paint Manual, page L3-25 and L3-26). Color differences due to paint application do not occur.

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