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The diagnostic connection between the Tiptronic control unit and the tester is made across the K and L wires.

No diagnosis possible

If it is not possible to start the diagnosis with the System Tester 9288, the following checks should be made:

1) Check adapter lead 9288/1 for continuity - Check K and L wire at adapter lead 9288/1 for continuity. Socket 3 (8-pin connector) to pin 7 (19-pin connector) Socket 7 (8-pin connector) to pin 8 (19-pin connector)

Connecteur Prise Obd Porsche 968

Bushing 3 = L wire Bushing 7 = K wire

Connector at the Tester

2) Check voltage supply

- Check ground and terminal 15 at adapter lead 9288/1 for voltage supply.

Pig Outline Cut Out

Bushing 4 = Ground Bushing 5 = Terminal 15

Connector at the Tester

Fault, fault code Possible causes, elimination, remarks

3) Check K and L wire with oscilloscope and special tool 9540.

Disconnect connector 2 (yellow) from alarm control unit. Connect special tool 9540 between alarm control unit and connector 2. Connect oscilloscope to terminal 14 (L wire) of special tool 9540. Check L wire. To do so, turn on ignition and switch on System Tester 9288. Start diagnosis (by provoking fault).

Same procedure as for L wire, but with terminal 15 for K wire instead of termial 14 for L wire.

For the L wire, the following signal must be displayed:







■ 1 i 0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5

For the K wire, the following signal must be displayed:


itr DC


Fault, fault code

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