Test values

Engine Type M 44.43/44

Test operation

Test values

Special remarks

Electric fuel pump Min. feed

rate 850 cc/30 s

Fuel pressure (Engine standstill) DME relay jumpered

3.8 ± 0.2 bar

Check value at idle

3.3 ±0.2 bar

Min. pressure after 20 min.

2.0 bar

Idle speed, rpm Engine type M 44.43 (Manual transmission)

without cat. conv. 840 ±40**

with cat. converter 840 ± 40**

**ldle speed can only be checked. Idle adjustment is no longer performed.

Engine type M 44.44 (Tiptronic)

880 ±40**

880 ± 40**

CO values % HC values ppm

0.5...1.5 <300

0.4... 1.2* <300*

* Measured ahead of catalytic converter, oxygen sensor connector not disconnected

CO adjustment is no longer performed

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