Tightening sequence

1st step 30 Nm (22 ftlb)

2nd step 60 deg. rotating angle

1 st step 2nd step



Grinding attachement Grinding oil Felt inserts Silicium mixture Storage box for felt inserts Stone holder set for felt inserts instead of honing stones Stone holder set for honing stones for 3 different stones (types)

Felt holder seat instead of guide shoe Roughing stone set Dressing stone set Polishing stone set

CK-10 with filter CV-616 with filter CK-3000 or CK-2600 MB-30

CK-3035 A 1 set

CK-3035 A 3 set

CK-3130 A 1 set

C30-J 55 ++ shorten to 70 mm length C30-J 84 ++ shorten to 70 mm length C30-C 03-81

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