Tiptronic warning lamp comes on transmission is in emergency mode

Detectable faults: Open circuit/short to ground, short to positive

1) Check operation with Tester 9288 (drive link test)

- Acoustical test

Triggering cycle of vlaves is audible as a clicking noise near the transmission.

2) Pull connector off Tiptronic control unit a) Measure resistance between pin 24 and pin 19. Nominal value 34 Ohms, tolerance 10 %

b) Check that pins 24 and 19 are free from shorts to ground.

- Check o.k.: Tiptronic control unit faulty

3) Also pull off connector at transmission.

- Check wiring (Tiptronic control unit connector pin 24 to transmission connector pin K and Tiptronic control unit connector pin 19 to transmission connector pin M).

Test point 11

Pressure regulator

Fault code 34

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