6. Remove and take out air filter assem-bly.Pull off ignition cable from distributor to ignition coil.

7. Unscrew cover panel in passenger footwell and lift out. Unscrew support panel for DME control unit and pull off control unit plug. Disconnect electrical plug.

8. Remove engine undertray panel and front undertray cover.

9. Open coolant drain plug and drain coolant. Remove alternator vent hose.

10. Loosen radiator hose at bottom right-hand side of radiator and at engine and pull off hose. Catch remaining coolant in a suitable container.

11. Pull off electrical connectors from fan motors. Undo bracket for fan motors from radiator and take out from below.

12. Unbolt radiator bracket. Loosen radiator hose and vent hose on upper left-hand side of radiator and pull off. Pull off electrical connector from temperature switch of radiator.

13. Unclip radiator cover and lift radiator carefully out from above. Separate radiator hose from reservoir and pull off.

14. Suspend engine at front transport bracket using support 10 - 222A and keep suspended in installation position. Check for correct position of support.

15. Remove Poly-Rib belt tensioner from A/C compressor and take off drive belt. Remove compressor from console and suspend out of the way. (Do not undo refrigerant hoses).

16. Unbolt stabilizer bar from body. Undo hose clamps between steering ATF radiator and power steering pump top-up reservoir and pull off hoses.

17. Slacken power pump belt and lift power steering pump off the console, taking the spacer bushing out from the front. Leave power steering pump suspended at steering. Remove oil pipes from oil cooler at engine console.

18. Mark installation position of left-hand and right-hand control arm mounts on body. Undo and remove control arm mounts.

19. Unbolt universal joint from steering rack, hydraulic engine mounts from engine supports and front-axle cross member from bodywork. The front-axle cross member remains suspended on the vehicle along with the steering rack and the power pump.


20. Disconnect electrical connections from starter and remove starter. Remove wire clamp from clutch housing.

21. Remove clutch slave cylinder from clutch housing (pipe remains connected). Undo and remove bracket for piping from upper clutch housing section.

22. Unbolt exhaust system from exhaust manifold flange and mount and remove exhaust system complete with oxygen sensor assembly.

23. Remove cover for clutch housing. Screw hex socket head bolts out of clamping sleeve and push clamping sleeve along with central shaft to the rear.

24. Screw out upper central tube / clutch housing fastening bolts.

25. Undo coolant hose for heater above exhaust manifold and at cylinder head.

26. Engage engine support (VW Special Tool 3033) into engine transport brackets as follows:

Pulley side: Position 3

Flywheel side: Position 11

In position 3, the threaded rod is "below" the support. In position 11, the threaded rod is "above" the support

27. Slightly preload engine with shop crane, e. g. Bilstein K 750 H, and remove support bracket 10 - 222 A. The threaded rod for support bracket 10 - 222 A remains in the front mounting eye.

28. Screw out bottom central tube / clutch housing fastening bolts.

29. Pull engine forward, push rubber bellows out of bulkhead towards engine compartment and pull wiring harness carefully out of passenger's footwell. Lift out engine in upward direction.

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