Troubleshooting the Tiptronic transmission mechanicalhydraulic section Introduction

The below troubleshooting chart for the mechanical/hydraulic section of the Tiptronic is designed as a guideline for repair operations.

The faults have been arranged in the way they are usually indicated by the customers. Deviations of the descriptions are possible and should be completed accordingly by the service personnel.

If complaints about leaks are received it is recommended to determine the location of the leak as closely as possible before any sealing operations are started. Crack testing agents such as are suitable for this purpose. These products are marketed as spray cans and allow positive identification of the leak after a short test drive.

Troubleshooting procedure: Proceed in the sequence of the selector lever positions, starting with

Spot - Check or Met-L-Check

1. Position P

2. Position R

3. Position N

4. Position D

5. Position 3

6. Position 2

7. Position 1

8. General

Page D 38 - 203 Page D 38 - 203 Page D 38 - 205 Page D 38 - 205 Page D 38 - 208 Page D 38 - 208 Page D 38 - 208 Page D 38 - 208 Page D 38 - 210 Page D 38 - 211

9. Leaks 10. Noises

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